Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello out there. I use the name frarose on ebay but my name is Fran. With the help of dear sweet Annie, I have been working on setting up this blog. I named it Journey of Quilting with Frarose and hope to share with you my love of quilting and maybe some free pattern sites I find along the way. I am the leader of a quilting group on ebay so my time for blogging is limited. I know that the best blogs are always being updated and a lot of them have links to selling blogs. At the present time I am not selling anything.

I have 4 living adult children and my 7th grandbaby is on the way. It is a boy so I will only have the one granddaughter that I now babysit. She is almost 16 months old and a very spoiled, bossy little girl as you can see from her picture here. My hubby and I have just moved into a larger house so I am still getting myself organized. I am a retired teacher and have been retired for 10 years and my hubby is a retired railroader. We live in Missouri so we are prone to all types of weather. It is now cold but not frigid like a week ago.

I do hope to post often and invite you all to become followers.


nancy huggins said...

Very nice blog Fran..I have you on my blog roll so now I can see when you post in here:)
Annie is a real sweetheart and so is Connie..I am so happy to have them in our crafting group.
I will be watching for new posts from you :)

Fran said...

Yes Annie is a doll. She helped me get started with the blog. Not sure what I will be posting but hope to get some free sites for ladies on here.