Thursday, February 20, 2014

JULY 2016

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My how time does fly.  Here it is 2016 and I have been so busy selling on etsy that I seldom come to my block  I am also reading and reveiwing books on netgalley
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Monday, June 3, 2013


I am currently featured in Kelly's blog and I have a giveaway you can sign up for there.  So go on over and check it out

Kelly also has an Etsy shop with some beautiful items in it.

Here it is June already and I have been super busy and not able to check in here much.  Sure hope I still have some followers.  I really need to keep this up more.  I have been doing well with my sales on Etsy.  Also have been helping with the grandkids quite a bit.  Retirement??? what is that?   Not just sitting back being bored for sure.

We have Taylor today as he sliced his foot open and had to have stitches in the ball of his foot.  He can hobble pretty good though.  He loves using my walking sticks.  I have a passion for walking sticks and pick them up at garage sales if I happen to see one.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!!  My resolution for this year is to blog more and hopefully make a more interesting site here.  Some of the blogs have some really interesting tutorials and or promotions.   I have to really put my thinking cap on.   I am leader of a quilting group on ebay called A Quilting We Will Go which takes up a lot of my time.  Then there is Etsy and if you wish to sell on there you spend a lot of time promoting also. 

We had a great Christmas even though I didn't put up a tree this year.  After both DH and I having the heart problems, I just didn't have the energy but am looking forward to next year.  Right now we have some snow on the ground.   The kids came down and went sledding in the back before coming inside and spending the evening here.

I am posting a picture of the Lego sets my Grandson got for Christmas  and built in 2 days.  then the 2nd picture is the back of our house while the grandkids were sledding.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Cyber Sale

BIG Cyber Sale this Weekend in my shop on Etsy.  I have a coupon code SHOPCYBER that can be entered at checkout to get 25% any and all items in my shop.  Runs Thursday 6pm til Monday midnight.  Come over and browse.

Beautiful sunny day here.  Can't get motivated to work but want to get a little sewing done.  I won't be cooking Thanksgiving dinner as I am not up to that big task and hubby isn't up to a house full of people yet.  He is still recuperating.  DD is suppose to bring us a plate but not sure how much will be on our heart healthy diet.

I have made up a lot of rice bags and hopefully they will sell.  They are wonderful as a bed warmer to get your toes toasty when you first go to bed.  I love them. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Here Comes Mr Winter!

Can't believe the wonderfully warm couple of days we had.  Felt like spring and I wanted to plant something but today I just wanted to stay in the toasty warm house.  Colder tonight.  Right now the gas fireplace is blasting away and feels good but almost time for me to go to bed so have to turn it off.

I got 3 more rice neck warmers finished today.    I love those things.  I use them every night to get my feet warm and if I ever have a neck ache it soothes it away.  My friend keeps a couple at each of her houses and last year bought them for her daughters.   Here are a picture of 6 of my covers.  I put a cover on each rice bag and it has velcro and is removable to wash the covers and keep the rice bag clean.

I still want to make some bag holders to put those plastic grocery bags in.  I use one in my kitchen and I want to list some on Etsy in my store.  Just getting them together.  I also have some neat fabric to make potato bags and need to get those done.  Tomorrow I have to take DH to the heart doctor  and then Wednesday I go to my medical doctor.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Can't Belive I have been gone so long!

Wow!  Here it is almost the middle of November and I have definitely been missing in action.    We have had a crazy few months here.  After my heart attack, I made my DH an appt with my heart doctor as he only goes to his medical doctor twice a year.  He has taken meds since he was 29.  Well the EKG was abnormal and when he took the stress test he failed it so they did a cardiac cath and within a few days he was having open heart surgery.  Had that on October 29th and is now home recuperating.  Lots more work for me and I have actually not gotten much sewing done.  My poor old machine keeps crying for me :)

I did make a cute purse from a sweater and messed up on a finishing seam so am carrying it myself.  I really like it. Here are a couple pictures of it.  More like a Messenger bag.

A couple of raggy stockings I made from Upcycled jeans.  Put them on my Etsy site.  I keep thinking maybe they are too primitive but they are cute in an odd sort of way.

I was going to cardiac rehab but got bronchitis and couldn't shake the cough.  Had it for 3 weeks and finally after the 2nd antibiotic and prednisone for 10 days it went away.  I also had a lot of problems with heart meds.  Making me tired and then racing my heart rate up to 135.  Think we finally have all of that figured out.  Just when I was able to go back to exercise my hubby had 5 bypasses during open heart surgery.  Needless to say all of the cooking, cleaning and chores are now falling to me.  Felt so good to sew today.

We had 80 degrees yesterday and I walked for 25 minutes.  Today only walked 15 minutes and now tonight the temp has really fallen. 

I bought this giraffe fabric because I just fell in love with it.  Bought 6 yards and now have no idea what to make with it.  I did list a couple of yards on Etsy but no takers yet.  It was not a cheap fabric so I have a lot invested in it.   Here is a pix.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

We had another beautiful day.  Porch sitting weather.  This is the time of the year I love.  Warmth, sunshine and cool breezes.  I went back to my rehab class and it went well thank goodness.   Haven't gotten a lot done lately but did make 2 blocks for a custom order on Etsy.  Here they are

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hoping you all are still around to read my posts.  I have not been very good about posting.   I did have a heart attach on the 23rd of July and am still recovering from that.  They put a stint in but I got to the hospital in time so that not much damage was done to my heart.  I have another artery that is 70% blocked and it will be a wait and see on it.  Never had any inkling I had heart trouble but now am on 4 meds for it.  Go for my stress test on Tuesday this week.  

I did sew a little the first part of the week.  Made a cute little  raggy quilt for Payton.  She needed a blanket for preschool and a little pillow.  Here are the pictures.

It has been a super busy summer.  I have some great pix of Hayden from camp but will post another day.

I have quite a few things listed on Etsy but still need a lot more.  have had some inquires on my wires but no sales.  I have only been trying to sell on there for about 3 months but had the site for a couple of years so only having one sale is not a good recommendation :)  Guess I need some interesting stuff to put on but right now I am not too active.  Hopefully after my stress test I will start cardiac rehab and start to get stronger.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Can't believe I haven't posted since September.  Life is just whirling by and I have been super busy.  We have done a little landscaping but not much.  Took down 6 more trees that weren't too nice looking and we are planning to fix up the circle out front.  I have been doing lots of quilting and had some of mine done by a longarmer so am desperately attempting to get some of these tops done.  Here are pictures of a couple I just finished.  Have 2 more in the process.  I am quilting one for my youngest GS, Tanner right now so hopefully I will post a pix of it soon.  I have lots of paper pieced blocks I have done and will show them soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Lately I have been trying to organize my shelves of fabric and not there yet.  This morning I got up at 5am and I finished some exchange blocks.  Two were made from thirties fabrics  This pix shows the red corner from the 2nd block.  It is made with flying geese .  The top one is a flaming skull that I embroidered & made a block for someone in my birthday block swap.  She loves Gothic and wanted black blocks so thought this would work.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My friend came by and I went out to lunch with her and then to the fabric store to buy some Shape Flex.  I had coupons so she got $75 bolt of it for $32.  She had bought it close to her house for $5.99 a yd so this was a big savings.

Today has been gorgeous.  Nice fall weather.  DH put some straps on the deck today and is about to finish up.  We have the grandkids so much it is hard to get things done  I wanted to post a pix of a dress I made for Payton but now she doesn't want to wear dresses.  She wants shorts and shirts like her brothers.  Here is the dress.  I did make a pair of shorts to match and she likes those but she hasn't worn the top yet.  The pix is one taken of her last Friday on her 2nd day at Montessori school

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello to all my blogger friends.  First I want to apologize for not being on in so very long.  Lots of stuff has been going on this summer and I have been super busy as I am sure most of you have.  Grandkids were out of school so you know how that is.  I did sew some and made the one granddaughter, Payton a few things.  She now refuses to wear dresses.  She turned 3 Saturday but they were gone for the weekend. 

This is a list of my past couple of days and has been like this all summer.
Fri nite went to wally World to pick up a few things.
Sat morning went back with DD so she could get water shoes for boys for the river and I found Payton's dolphin.  Who knew it was a barbie?
Sat afternoon took oldest DD with the bone disease to buy groceries and was in the store for 5 hours and had sore muscles yesterday.
Sunday I went for a ride looking around at houses to try and buy one for Tanner's mom.  Then finished up washing 6 loads of clothes for the Hay,Pay, Tay as I brought them home Sat morning.  DD has a hard time trying to catch up on laundry. with her 3 kids under 6, working long hours at school, she barely has time to fix supper, bathe the kiddos, fix lunches and get some rest.
I also searced out my blocks I made for the sampler and am going to get them ready to mail today.

I looked for Payton a pink trike for her birthday and nobody had them at the stores.  Online at Target and Walmart you could get them for $66 but I found one at Brain and Farm in WI online for $50.  A Radio Flyer and it is so cute.  I ordered it on Wed and it came on Sat.  so Payton hasn't seen it yet.   They have been out of town for the weekend.Here is pink tricycle that DH put together yesterday for Payton's BD
She has been asking for a dolphin forever and I couldn't find one but no wonder.  It was in with a water Barbie.  I had looked and looked so did find that when I went to Wally with DD  Here it is.

Wanted to show you all a pix of the two blocks I made for the sampler in my A Quilting We Will Go Group.  This is the last month for it.  The hostess had to make 2 blocks and the other 3 make one each month so that we ended up with 24 blocks over the year by doing it every other month.  Fun :)  Last month I did a paper pieced one but not when I had to do 2 each for 4 people

 I have made a few purses this summer and here is the one I made for myself.  I just LOVE these purses.  You pull the handle through and shoulder it - ready to go all closed up.

I will try to update when Payton gets her trike and take some pix.  Also need to post pix of the finished back deck.  NICE

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am going to do a giveaway in a couple of weeks after I start posting regularly again.  So be on the lookout.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Updates from my end!

Hope you are all still looking at my blog.  I have been slow posting lately.  Going through one of those blah times.  I did make a min quilt today for a swap and I like but just hope the receiver does.  Here it is.

Took picture of Payton yesterday.  She is really growing up.  She is two going on twenty and so cute and so spoiled.  Here is a pix I took of her yesterday.  Finally she is getting a little bit of hair.

We are finally getting somewhere on our back patio and deck to be.  The guys finally came and hauled the old concrete away and dug down for the new concrete.

I have to go out and take another picture.  the rock and rebar are down and they were suppose to pour the concrete Thursday but they didn't and now we have had rain with more in the forecast.