Sunday, February 20, 2011

SPRING IS IN THE AIR!! Flowers and Porch sitting.

I was so excited today to see these little flowers.  The first of spring even though our temps are falling tomorrow.  I walked around outside contemplating what needs to be done in the yard and it is a lot.  We bought this house a year ago last December and didn't get much landscaping done yet as we had to replace basement walls and renovate and add the front porch which we love.

It is porch sitting weather for the past couple of days and DH is taking advantage of it as he sits on theporch in the warm weather thinking of all he has to do.  He finished this porch in the spring but we still need a walkway up to it and some landscaping,  I will keep you updated on our progress this year.

I walked a couple of blocks while I was outside but it is still hard breathing with this chest thing so not far.  The firehouse is a historic building that is only one block from our house and the sirens can get loud especially when there is a tornado warning.  I took a couple pix. One from the front and one from the side.

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