Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cutting up old clothes to make a lapquilt

I have been commissioned to cut up old clothes to make a lap quilt.  Ihave about 12 pieces and have so far cut up 3 shirts.  These clothes are size 0 to 2 lady clothes.  She passed away from cancer and the daughter in law wants to have it made for the hubby of the lady.  I like making quilts from nice new fabrics.  Not sure this will b my cup of tea.  I only have one more blouse in there and then size 1 pants.  I will press these before I start cutting out my pieces.  Will keep  you updated as I progress.  I don't know how slow I will be with this.  I will probably keep putting it aside.  Here are a couple of  pix.

these are pieces cut from the shirts
 The bag with the pants and one more shirt in it.

Last night I made 2 blocks for a birthday swap.  One I sealed all up and mailed without taking a picture.  It was a ribbon block with 4 colors in it.  This one only has 3 colors.

I am still cutting out little dolls and today I sketched out a pattern and cut it out.  Well I only had 1 leg and 1 are so back to the sewing.  Havne't finished that yet but will let you all see the doll once it is done.  We had beautiful weather yesterday but last night lots of rain and storms so cooler today and cloudy.  Will be glad when spring arrives.

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nancy huggins said...

Good idea on cutting old clothes up...I am going to start hitting the resale shops to find some to use in some of my crafts. Love your blocks..very nice as always..You do nice work :)