Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello out there.  I don't know what has gotten into me but I am having writer's block here the past few days.  haven't been sewing much either so not a lot happening.  We are having some wonderful sunny days and the temps are starting to rise.  Tornados went over Sunday night but we only got high winds and hail and pelting rain.  Today I went to my BOM class so I should have another Tonga block to show soon.  This one has 77 pieces & it is a 12" block.  So not looking forward to working on this.  I also haven't touched the clothing that I commissioned to make a lap quilt from.  It isn't in my motivational list currently.  But as usual I do have lots of pix to show because I haven't been on in a few days and have been doing some odds and ends.

I sold the skull purse and make a new and different one which I think turned out really nice and I am my own worse critic.   Here it is"  Has black skull sides bottom and handle with magnetic closure

The inside is a soft pretty pink with a long pocket that has a pencil pocket on the end of it and a velcro closure.  Also has cell phone pocket on inside end.

I also made a large raggy purse which I love.  again in pinks and blacks but very classy with fat little shades of pinks birds & a vintage button covered in red wool.

The inside is a different shade of pink with a lacy design.  This one also has a long side pocket with velcro closure and an end cell phone pocket on the inside.

Then I experimented with a toddler's purse and bought some different fabrics today to make more of these.  I eventually hope to hit on a seller with something :)

Here is the iside.  No pockets on this because I was trying to keep the price low but it does have a velcro closure to keep her treasure intact.

Last night I was experimenting with a vintage terry cloth table cloth and came up with this.  Cut out some eggs also.  Can't decide if they should be primmed.  What do you think?

Set of homespun coasters that I made this week also.

I have so much fun making purses and craft items but I also love the quiltmaking.  A little diversity is good I say.  When I taught school I had all kinds of certification and taught different grade levels and subjects a lot.  I taught Algebra, gifted K -8 3rd grade, kindergarten, 5th grade, 7th and 8th grade, 6th grade, Special Reading, Language Arts and that's all folks   See you later.

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