Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday April 20

This month is almost over and time just seems to fly.  We had storms last night and a cloudy cold day today.  I put some listings on ebay yesterday and did list the Easter egg dress there and on Artfire on sale.    It is full of Easter eggs and candy easter eggs but it could probably be worn after Easter.  I listed it cheap thinking someone might want it before Sunday but time is passing too fast so not sure about that.  My GD can always wear the dresses.  I need to make some more that aren't themed. 

Haven't sewn in over 5 days now.  Grandkids have been here a lot and I just can't get myself moving.  I do have to make 2 more bags from the motocycle Bugz fabric for Friday the 29th and these are beach bags.  I still have some of the fabric but it is dwiddling fast.    I am behind on my monthly blocks so must get that done first and then I want to try some different fabrics for the dresses and bags.  With the bags I tend to just cut and make and don't use a pattern.  Sometimes I look at a bag and then go home and do something similar.  Hope to be on my blog more.  I love reading updates on others blogs so it is nice to always have something new up.


nancy huggins said...

You are a very busy lady Fran and I am going to miss my sewing machine and computer while on trip to AL..I am anxious to get started on the mug mat swap Lynn posted and I have tons of Ideas :)

papel1 said...

Your blog is really looking nice. Good luck with your listings. It does take work to sell!