Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here another day has passed and I didn't get the shawl quilted. I am 3/4 of the way finished. I stopped when I thought I was finished ane realized that when I changed my thread I did something wrong and the tension messed up and had to rip out the 1/4. I never got back to it. I did stuff 4 little dolls but there is lots more to do with them also. DD and 6 yo grandson come by and he stayed a couple of hours. Seems the time does fly. Watched Idol tonight so that took up a couple of my hours. Hopefully tomorrow I will get on with the shawl again. Here is the progress I have made.
 This picture shows some of the quilting on the back minkie part of the shawl
 then the quiltig on the front .

Couldn't resist taking pictures because I love looking at the photos on the blogs.
I did get a couple more little dolls made today but they had a long way to go before finished

Here is a zippered 6 x 6 pouch to match my skull bag.  Put it on etsy, artfire and ebay.

I put a little pocket inside the pouch.  I am just beginning to try and use zippers as I have never liked doing them.  I hope to get some of my things finished this week.

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