Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Have any of you checked out Annie's selling site? She has some of the neatest ornies for sale. Also check out Nancy's as she does have the best smelling soaps made with all natural ingredients and they are all so pretty

I love when it starts getting warmer. In the 70's today but is dropping to 50's and rain next four days but that is still great. I see some daffodils trying to bloom and grass turning green.

I have not bee posting much lately but lots going on with me. Haven't gotten much sewing done. My sis received her quilt and was thrilled with it. Still working on the baby quilt for Tanner as he will be born the end of April. I have really been slow on this one.

I make things but have never gotten to the point where I sell anything. One thing I do have is a huge pile of UFO's that need to be finished. My DH told me to just take them to the quilting lady which I should do but then I would have a huge pile of quilts :)

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