Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here I am up late again writing in my blog.  I did some sewing last night and again today.  Had an experience with the needle chomping down on the foot and ramming under my finger nail which was not real pleasant so I had to take a break but I did get a purse made today out of some new pink and black skull fabric I got.  The skulls are huge.  Here are a couple of pix of it

It seems I do better when I just cut and slash my fabric without a pattern.  Last night when I couldn't sleep I experimented putting a zinn in and the little bag and a crayon/pad holder set is what I came up with & here are the pictures.  The bag has a little handle inserted in the zipper to make it easier to carry.  Perfect for a little girl or make up.  Has a double pocket on the front.

Still having some nice sunny days but I am still fighting the chest conjection.  I have been looking through blogs and pulling some of my favorite in here on the left side.  Also bee picking up some giveaway pix and links so it is easy for others to find them and helps me enter their giveaway.  Fun! Fun!   We had our 6 yo after school today.  He is so cute but I also smashed his finger.  He was playing on the computer and I went to raise the chair for him and smashed his finger in between the pull out keyboard drawer and the chair arm.  Poor thing had a big dent in it and he just cried and cried.  I felt so very bad.  I did have one of my boo boo bags in the freezer and pulled it out to put on his hand.  I should have had some little ones in there.  They are just so convenient.  I love the rice bags for warming my feet at night.  I have a couple that I use now and it is sooo nice.


Lynn S. said...

Fran, I love all your items! The young ladies will love that skull purse. Good for you; blogging every day is fun.

nancy huggins said...

I love all your purses / bags and the little thing for crayons and paper is really cute. I just put a new post in my blog..check it out when you have time :)

papel1 said...

Your blog looks good. I can identify with pain when sewing. I got my pinkie stuck in the apparatus that goes up and down to maneuver the needle. I jammed the machine and could not get my finger out. Dumb me did not think of turning the handle and manually lowering the foot down. I stayed away from my machine for awhile but will sew tonight.