Friday, April 1, 2011


It seems only yesterday that I posted and I see it has been 11 days.  So sorry.  I was really doing great for a little while and I do miss talking with all of you.  I have been sparodically posting sewing but not nearly as much as I need to. 
I did finally make another sale on Artfire.  I got an order for one of my rice bags so I made another one to replace it.  This one has lots of lavender scents in it and is a very pretty floral alltied up with a fancy bow and directions on how to use.  These are so great for those neck pains or as foot warmers :)
This is how it starts out.

Then I make a cover with a velcro closing

I also worked on my challenge quilt and am still in the process of putting back one side that I unsewed but don't have that finished.  Here it is before the unsewing.

I had other blocks that are blocks of the month that I also finished.
First is the one from the Remembrance quilt and this is the center block

Now my Mish Mash of different monthly blocks.  This one I did all in greens.

My monthly quilt shop Block of the Month is the Tonga Nature Quilt and this block had 77 pieces.  I am really proud of it.  I think it is beautiful

If any of you live in the Midwest you know we got snow last week.  A good 2 inches but it only lasted 2 days but I did have to snap a photo and share it with you.  Here is our backyard trees that day.
I had a lot to share with you today.  Hopefully I will be back in sooner to share again.  I am working on some purses and beach bags that I have an order for right now so will post them soon.


Lynn S. said...

Fran, you have sure been busy! Nice items.

papel1 said...

Nice blog, and did not realize you sold are different venues. Thanks for the directions on the rice bags.