Friday, April 29, 2011

More Bags!

I made 2 beach bags on consignment for the bank manager where I go.  She had bought 2 of the smaller purses with the Biker Bugz on them and wanted 2 beach type bags out of the same fabric.  Here are the bags along with a credit card holder I made to match.

These bags I had my daughter model to see if they showed better.

I have several bags listed on ebay and some on Artfire.  DOn't have much on Etsy right now.  I do custom work and all of my bags are OOAK even though some are similar. 

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nancy huggins said...

I might have to buy some of the little coin type things you make for some of my GD for Christmas..I like the ones you make. I like your bag in the post below this one too..That is the kind of purses Nellie likes and she buys them somewhere in Chicago cheaper than I can make them. I just out a new post in my blog and I am going to be having a give away as soon as I reach 100 followers..almost there ..just need a few more :)