Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello to all my blogger friends.  First I want to apologize for not being on in so very long.  Lots of stuff has been going on this summer and I have been super busy as I am sure most of you have.  Grandkids were out of school so you know how that is.  I did sew some and made the one granddaughter, Payton a few things.  She now refuses to wear dresses.  She turned 3 Saturday but they were gone for the weekend. 

This is a list of my past couple of days and has been like this all summer.
Fri nite went to wally World to pick up a few things.
Sat morning went back with DD so she could get water shoes for boys for the river and I found Payton's dolphin.  Who knew it was a barbie?
Sat afternoon took oldest DD with the bone disease to buy groceries and was in the store for 5 hours and had sore muscles yesterday.
Sunday I went for a ride looking around at houses to try and buy one for Tanner's mom.  Then finished up washing 6 loads of clothes for the Hay,Pay, Tay as I brought them home Sat morning.  DD has a hard time trying to catch up on laundry. with her 3 kids under 6, working long hours at school, she barely has time to fix supper, bathe the kiddos, fix lunches and get some rest.
I also searced out my blocks I made for the sampler and am going to get them ready to mail today.

I looked for Payton a pink trike for her birthday and nobody had them at the stores.  Online at Target and Walmart you could get them for $66 but I found one at Brain and Farm in WI online for $50.  A Radio Flyer and it is so cute.  I ordered it on Wed and it came on Sat.  so Payton hasn't seen it yet.   They have been out of town for the weekend.Here is pink tricycle that DH put together yesterday for Payton's BD
She has been asking for a dolphin forever and I couldn't find one but no wonder.  It was in with a water Barbie.  I had looked and looked so did find that when I went to Wally with DD  Here it is.

Wanted to show you all a pix of the two blocks I made for the sampler in my A Quilting We Will Go Group.  This is the last month for it.  The hostess had to make 2 blocks and the other 3 make one each month so that we ended up with 24 blocks over the year by doing it every other month.  Fun :)  Last month I did a paper pieced one but not when I had to do 2 each for 4 people

 I have made a few purses this summer and here is the one I made for myself.  I just LOVE these purses.  You pull the handle through and shoulder it - ready to go all closed up.

I will try to update when Payton gets her trike and take some pix.  Also need to post pix of the finished back deck.  NICE


Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Welcome Back to Blog Land Fran!

And isn't that pink trike just gorgeous, that is going to be one happy little girl when she sees that.

nancy huggins said...

Wow Fran..I really enjoyed reading your blog and the Pink trike is sooo cute. That is how Nellie was when she was real little..she loved pink and still likes a lot of pink things to wear.
I Love your you have them for sale somewhere...they would make great Christmas gifts.
Sounds like you have had a busy summer with grand kids..Mine are all 250 miles away so don't get to see them often. Most are teen agers but 1..he is 5.
Love the quilt blocks..I just don't have the patience to sew like that :)

Fran said...

The bag hanging on the door is one I am using. I have made one of these for each of my DD's I have an artfire account and do need to put some more stuff on there I have only sold neck warmers.

Cindy Tifanny said...

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