Friday, March 11, 2011

Christmas cactus

Here is a picture of my cactus.  It is very old so guess that is the reason it blooms so profusely twice a year.  Around Christmas time and again close to Easter.

My mother passed away four years ago in February and I brought this cactus home with me.    I had been down in Georgia where she lived helping with her care in December and this and another cactus were almost dead.  I took them out of the room and put them on the porch and started watering them.  This one came back to life but the other one died.   My mother had these for many, many years before so I don't know how old it is but I do know that it has so many beautiful blooms on it and it does bloom for about 2 weeks.

I am still working on the clothes quilt and will have pictures for you hopefully tomorrow.  After this I will need to do some borders to make it longer and to finish it off.  I will be a square when I take the pix tomorrow but I have in mind what to do and eventually it will be a rectangle 

Yesterday I worked at the school where my daughter teaches.  I was a volunteer for the Peace Museum which came to the school.  I manned a booth all day where the students came like a in school field trip.  There were 17 booths and 6 kids spent 10 minutes at a booth so it was a constant turnover and very noisy.  I was totally exhausted when I came home.  It was all about people all over the world and having peace and commaradary with everyone no matter their race or origin.

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mintx828 said...

Fran, this is the prettiest Christmas Cactus I have ever seen. I've seen red, but never purple. I'm not sure I could ever keep one alive.