Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update on Clothing Lap Quilt

I have been working on this quilt now for a while and finally the top is finished.  My iron went out last night so I had to run up to Wally World and get a new one.  Then today I ordered me an Oliso.  Now that this top is out of the way I will put is aside for a few days before I sandwich and quilt it.  I found a neat manly looking piece of Thimbleberries fabric for the backing.

Here is the progress:
Green cordurory and khaki to make flying geese.  I put shape flex on back of the cordurory which made it even heavier to work with but not so stretchy and then used the khaki from the pants as the other parts.

Here is the way it looked with the geese at the top and bottom.  I was trying to make it more rectangular rather than square.
I gathered the scraps and pieced them together in running strips to put around the edges as the final border.

Finally they are all sewn on and this is the finished product.  Of course the sandwiching, quilting and binding are yet to come but I am going to rest from this a few days first as I have lots of projects I need to catch up on.  It now measure 40 x 56".   It is to be a lapquilt.


Lynn S. said...

You did an awesome job. I'm sure your buyer will love it.

mintx828 said...

I love the green on your clothing quilt. I know it will be appreciated. Nice Job.