Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Bag/Tote/Purse Dilemma

I haven't posting in a few days but made several blocks from BOM's that I needed to catch up on.  Will post those pix another time.  This evening I have been trying to make a bag for an exchange.  I don't use patterns and just cut and sew so they aren't always what I plan.  Now I have made 2 and not sure either one is just right.

This one I made and decided it needed something and put a ribbon around it.
It seemed to be too girlie even though I though it was cute so I removed the ribbon and put a button

I did put a clasp for closing and inside I put a swivel clasp and a credit card or money holder and here it is

Since I still wasn't sure I made this shoulder bag with a pocket inside and a button closure

I made a tote yesterday and listed it on ebay.  It is full of jungle animals.

I receved a really neat gift from the very same person I am exchanging with. and here it is

Opinions welcome :)


nancy huggins said...

Fran..I love all your bags and I guess it would depend on who I am giving it to as to weather I would leave the ribbon.Is it easy to wash with the ribbon? If not then I would go with the button.I love the little bunny you got..I just love bunnies in all shapes and sizes :)
All your bags look great (as usual)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the bag with the ribbon. It's to die for. However, I would probably give the shoulder bag with the button closure in the exchange because it has more simple lines and will go with anything.

I still like the one with the ribbon though. :)

Lynn S. said...

I love both bags! However, for the exchange I would give the shoulder bag; to me, it's neutral.

Fran said...

Thanks ladies. I was leaning towards the shoulder bag but maybe I should just make a plain old bag.

papel1 said...

I like the shoulder bag the best too.

Bead and Needle said...

Found your blog through your swap partner, Ahl Cooped Up - what a fun swap you girls had. Love the bag that you did for Pat, and I see you got one of her beautiful dolls - the bunny is delightful! Have a wonderful weekend...Tanya